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Aluminum Recycling in Miami

Dade Scrap Iron & Metal provides aluminum recycling services in Miami.

Whether residential or industrial, we come to your doorstep to collect scrap metal.

Our Aluminum Recycling Services

Dade Scrap Iron & Metal simplifies your life by removing any scrap aluminum scrap metal. Be it after a renovation, construction or demolition project, we keep your site tidy by disposing of whatever metal scrap.

The scrap aluminum we collect is mostly from cars, building parts, window frames, wheels and wires that are lying around in a corner of your garage or factory.

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Buying and recycling all your scrap aluminum

Aluminum Recycling  South Florida
Aluminum Recycling Miami

Benefits of Recycling Aluminum

Recycling scrap aluminum helps prevent millions of tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

On top of being economically beneficial, recycling saves a lot of energy. It also avoids the unnecessary mining of new Bauxite ore used for aluminum production. Furthermore, it can be recycled over and over without losing its valuable qualities.

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Save energy and recycle your scrap aluminum


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  • Import and export services to the Americas and Caribbean

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